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Karnataka State Advisory Regarding Grant of Quarantine Leave to Employees Infected by Corona Virus

The Labour Department of Karnataka through Notification No. KAE 66 KaBani 2020 (Part 1) dated 6th November 2020, had listed out the specifications of the quarantine leave to be granted to employees of all public or private companies in the state. The specifications are given below -

  1. The period of Quarantine of Employees/Workmen infected by coronavirus shall not be treated as unauthorized absence.

  2. Employers are advised to enable the Employees/Workmen infected by Corona virus to utilize leaves under their Quota for the period of quarantine.

  3. The Employees/Workmen who are not coming under the purview of ESIC, even if they are not entitled for leave, if infected by the corona virus, taking in to consideration the larger interest of society, to be granted leave as available/possible, in term of their employment to undergo quarantine.

  4. In case Employees/Workmen who are infected by corona virus who do not have leave in their account, employers are advised to facilitate transfer of leave from the account of other Employees/Workmen and enable them to undergo the quarantine.

  5. In case an Employee does not have leave under their quota and it is already fully utilized, employers advised to provide for advance leave which the Employees are eligible to avail in the future so that the infected Employee/Workmen may undergo quarantine.

  6. When the Employers are unable to grant leave on their own initiative to Employees and such Employees do not have any kind of leave under their Quota, both Employer and Employees to consult with each other regarding granting of special leaves for the period and come to an amicable solution.

The above guidelines were issued with the aim of ensuring maximum containment of COVID-19 and the safety of the citizens of Karnataka.

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