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Startups and Investments Law Firm of the Year 2023

About LexStart Partners

LexStart Partners is one of the leading law firms in India that exclusively focuses on the early-stage ecosystem. LexStart Partners is the go-to law firm for various stakeholders of the early-stage ecosystem, including aspiring entrepreneurs, start-ups, venture capital funds, incubators and accelerators.

How can we help you?


Making your dream, our legal hustle.



Your investment, our legal expertise




Grow with our curated solutions!

Cracking the data protection compliance!

Untangling the Web of Web3

Understanding how to incorporate, run and grow a Web3 company

What our clients say


‘We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to the exceptional team of LexStart for their support in our fundraising efforts. Their ability to anticipate challenges, provide strategic guidance, and ensure compliance with legal requirements has not only instilled confidence within our team but has also strengthened our relationships with investors and partners. Special mention to Anisha, Sophia, Khushboo and Riya for their continued support. Thank you LexStart team!’

- Abhishek Tripathi, Founder | Settl.
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