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Anisha Patnaik

Anisha Patnaik is a founder, lawyer and investor with an experience of over 20 years in ccorporate commercial laws dealing in the early-stage ecosystem. She was named Women Lawyer of the Year, 2023 by BW Legal World.

LexStart Partners is the go-to destination for start-ups seeking a one-stop legal and compliance solution. As India's leading law firm exclusively dedicated to the early-stage ecosystem, we're honored to have been recognized as the Start-Up and Investment Law Firm of the Year 2023 by BW Legal. Our distinction as one of the Top 10 Law Firms in 2022 by Venture Intelligence underscores our commitment to providing exceptional legal support to emerging businesses.


Our firm specializes in supporting virtual digital asset businesses worldwide. From strategizing and establishing entities to facilitating licenses, registrations, and essential documentation, we offer comprehensive assistance. Whether it's fundraising through equity or tokens, we serve as a dedicated legal partner for entrepreneurs navigating the digital realm.

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